December 28, 2021

Mike Rowe: 'Let's Go Brandon' is Reaction to Government Lies and Censoring

  • Executive, Flyover Country

By: Konrad Holden

In Brief: 

In early December, Mike Rowe went on a podcast and discussed the “Let’s go, Brandon’ phenomenon that surfaced during 2021. Rowe said that the saying was a reaction to the “time we’re living in.”  He said the chant is more than just a derogatory slur against President Biden and that Americans are tired of being told that “what they’re seeing and what they’re hearing is not real.”

The Background:

In early October at a NASCAR race, a reporter interviewing the race’s winner, Brandon Brown, heard the crowd chanting something that obviously sounded like “F— Joe Biden” on live television. The reporter told the driver that the crowd was chanting “Let’s go, Brandon.” 

The phrase “let’s go, Brandon” has now become code for the vulgar slogan “F— Joe Biden” and has been used or mentioned by many Republican leaders including US Representatives and Senators. Governor Ron DeSantis even referred to the Biden administration as the “Brandon” administration.

But Mike Rowe says that the phrase is much more than just a derogatory saying against the sitting President. He says it is a backlash against the lies and spin he says has been put out by the media and White House.

In a podcast interview, Rowe said that “the times that we’re living in right now are forcing lots of people on both sides of the aisle to look at a thing or hear a thing and be told that what they are seeing and what they’re hearing is not real. And you can’t do that to people indefinitely and not expect them to push back somehow.”

Rowe said that “let’s go, Brandon” has become the people’s way of pushing back.

“I think what’s happened is people have just become sick and tired of being told that what they’re seeing and what they’re hearing is not what they’re seeing and hearing,” Rowe said, referring to the now-popular phrase.

Notable Quotes: 

“You can’t tell people that the border is secure and then show them images of tens of thousands of people flooding over it. You can’t tell people that the evacuation of Afghanistan was a success and then show them people falling off of a plane.” - Mike Rowe

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