May 14, 2020

Media Spins Rand Paul Point to Dr. Fauci as Fake Controversy

  • The Hill

By: Nate James

In Brief:

Dr. Rand Paul, senator from Kentucky, asked one of President Trump’s lead advisors on the coronavirus a question about opening schools back up, and the media has spun it into a fake news story about an ignorant Paul challenging a genius doctor. 

The Background:

Reason reports that during a Senate Health Committee hearing…

Paul used his time to criticize the existing coronavirus modeling, which has been "more wrong than right." He respectfully told Fauci, who, along with Dr. Deborah Birx, has been President Donald Trump's top adviser on the science of the pandemic, that the doctor is not "the be-all [and] end-all," in terms of decision making. And he asserted that some schools should be allowed to reopen, depending on local conditions.

"I think the one-size-fits-all, that we're going to have a national strategy and no one is going to go to school, is kind of ridiculous," said Paul. "We really ought to be doing it school district by school district."

Fauci agreed with Paul that he is not the “end all” and that elected officials will decide about lockdowns and stay-at-home orders.

Why It Matters:

From Reason: “The point is that Paul and Fauci did not actually engage in some huge clash of conflicting visions, but agenda-setters in the media need something to fight about.”

Notable Quotes:

"If we keep kids out of school for another year, what's going to happen is the poor and underprivileged kids who don't have a parent to teach them at home are not going to learn for a full year.”

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Nate James writes from Texas.

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