July 9, 2020

Meanwhile, in Texas... Sheriffs Refuse to Enforce Mask Rule

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By: Nate James

In Brief:

A growing number of Texas sheriffs are refusing to enforce a rule mandating that people wear masks.

The Background:

CBS News reports:

A growing number of sheriffs in Texas say they are refusing to follow a recent executive order requiring masks in public. Governor Greg Abbott's mandate aims to slow the spread of coronavirus, as cases in the state soared past 200,000 on Tuesday.

Police officials in at least nine counties — including Denton, Houston, Montgomery, Gillespie, Upshur, Kerr, Gregg, Nacogdoches and Panola — said they will not impose the ruling with verbal or written citations. Some counties cited staffing issues, while others said the language in the order makes it impossible to police.

Notable Quotes:

"Don't get me wrong. I believe this virus is real and I believe face masks can help stop the spread. My officers will be wearing face masks. We will try to educate the public on the importance of wearing them, but if Governor Abbott wants citations issued, he needs to use state officers to do so. He has more officers at his disposal than I will ever have." 

  • Kerr County Sheriff Rusty Hierholzer 
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