November 8, 2022

Liberals Rage After NY Times Highlights Biden's Verbal Fumbles

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By Jackson Kincaid

In Brief: 

Critics of President Biden got a surprise when the New York Times published a report grilling the 46th president for making exaggerations about his successes on the economy. And the Biden fans on Twitter are not having it.

The Background: 

The New York Times report began with a quick sum up of the White House’s economic spin: "As President Biden and his administration have told it in recent months, America has the fastest-growing economy in the world, his student debt forgiveness program passed Congress by a vote or two, and Social Security benefits became more generous thanks to his leadership."

The author then declared, "None of that was accurate."

The report further stated, "The president, who has long been seen as embellishing the truth, has recently overstated his influence on the economy, or omitted key facts." The Times then gave an example of an erroneous claim recently made by the White House on Social Security. 

"On my watch, for the first time in 10 years, seniors are getting an increase in their Social Security checks,’ he declared. The problem: That increase was the result of an automatic cost-of-living increase prompted by the most rapid inflation in 40 years." However, Biden had no hand in the social security increase as this particular increase dates back to the Nixon era. 

The Liberal Left on Twitter was quick to slam the New York Times and defend Biden. Unfortunately, the statements were sprinkled with filth and foul language. 

Notable Quotes: 

“Verbal fumbles. He’s blatantly lied at least five times today.” –David Harsanyi Senior writer The Federalist, via Twitter


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