October 28, 2022

Liar, Liar, Fauci's Pants on Fire

  • Flyover Country, Home

By Jackson Kincaid

In Brief: 

After years of pushing Covid vaccines as the answer to all Covid related woes, along with costing thousands of hard working citizens their livelihood, Fauci is quickly back peddling on the effectiveness. 

He recently stated, “Nobody said you wouldn’t get covid if you’re vaccinated”

Yet for those of us who will never forget, here are some quotes to stick in your back pocket for a rainy gaslight day.

The Background: 

               Joe Biden– “You’re not going to get covid if you have these vaccinations” (07/21/21)


Dr. Rochelle Walensky, CDC Director— “Vaccinated people don’t carry around the virus…don’t get sick” (03/29/21)


Dr. Anthony Fauci– “When people are vaccinated, they can feel safe they will not be infected”(05/17/21)


Dr. Anthony Fauci– “They’re really, really good against variants”(05/17/21)


Notable Quotes: 

"This is not about freedom or personal choice. It's about protecting yourself and those around you, the people you work with, the people you care about, the people you love. My job as president is to protect all Americans." – Joe Biden

What do you think?