September 14, 2021

 Kim Jong-un Blames Korean Food Shortage on Climate Change

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By: Konrad Holden

In Brief: 
In a recent address, North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un blamed his country’s food shortage on climate change. He called for “urgent action” to be taken to stop the “disastrous weather” supposedly caused by climate change. Kim claimed that this weather is the ultimate cause of the North Korean food shortage, and stated that the central planning policies played no part in the crisis. His rationale is eerily similar to that pushed by American leftists, blaming outside factors instead of taking responsibility for poor economic policies.

The Background: 

What are the world’s dictators turning to for help to solidify their power? 

For Kim Jong-un, it's climate change and COVID-19. 

The North Korean people have long suffered food shortages due to an oppressive Communist regime. On September 2, Kim blamed climate change and coronavirus supply chain interruptions for the shortages.

According to Kim, climate change is causing major weather events that are wiping out crops managed by the government. He did not take any blame for the mismanagement of farmland but only chastised some officials for failing to manage the property according to official government policy. 

In June, Kim acknowledged that the country was short on food. At that time, he claimed that flooding was to blame for low food production numbers.

According to reports from South Korean intelligence officials, North Korea released emergency military rice reserves in August to avoid widespread starvation.

Notable Quotes:

“The problem for Mr Kim is that when he took over from his father, he promised his people a more prosperous future. He said they would have meat on their tables and access to electricity. This has not happened. Now he's having to prime the population for more hard work.” - BBC News

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