August 17, 2020

Kamala Harris: Institute a Mandatory Gun Buyback Program

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By: Ted Patterson

In Brief:

Vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris wants to confiscate 10 million guns with a mandatory buyback program.

The Background:

The Western Journal reports:

At an event in Las Vegas called the “2020 Gun Safety Forum,” MSNBC host Craig Melvin asked the Democratic presidential candidate how she would get “assault weapons” off the streets.

“As you know the ’94 assault weapons ban, it didn’t apply to weapons that were purchased before 1994,” Melvin said.

“What would you do about the millions of specifically assault weapons that are already in circulation?” he asked.

“We have to have a buyback program,” Harris responded. “I support a mandatory buyback program.”

Notable Quotes:

“There are five million at least, some estimate as many as 10 million. We’re going to have to have smart public policy that’s about taking those off the streets, but doing it in the right way.”

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Ted Patterson is editor of Republic Press.


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