November 4, 2022

Journalist: Telling the Truth Can Ruin Your Career

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By Ophelia Garrett

In Brief: 

The Daily Wire reports that independent journalist Glenn Greenwald said Sunday there was a very simple reason that members of his chosen profession seemed unwilling to question the narrative surrounding the alleged attack on Paul Pelosi — the possibility that asking questions could put their careers at risk. 

The Background: 

Using the recent attack on Paul Pelosi as an example, Greenwald pointed out how quickly the left and media declared it an act by “right wing conservatives,” while the team of local law enforcement who were investigating clearly stated they “do not know the motive.” 

“It’s genuinely alarming how conditioned so much of the U.S. population is to equate skepticism toward the pronouncements of media corporations with mental illness: ‘If you don’t instantly accept what Wolf Blitzer and Andrea Mitchell claim, then you’re a crazy conspiracy theorist.” Greenwald went on to explain that even journalists who had questions about the prevailing narrative — on any topic — often felt as though they couldn’t say anything without risking their jobs or even their entire careers.

“It’s so crucial to understand the dynamic dominating journalism. Few journalists have career security,” Greenwald continued. “Imagine you’re a young journalist at a big media corporation. You know if you ask these questions, Twitter will explode and it can ruin your career.”

Greenwald said that he believed many journalists saw the “glaring questions and evidentiary holes” in the story that had been pushed so far regarding Pelosi, but especially in the last days before the midterm election, the narrative was even more important than usual.

Notable Quotes: 

 “Why stick their heads up, provoke a liberal Twitter mob, and be branded? That’s the climate.” –Glenn Greenwald

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