July 19, 2021

January 6th Capitol Rioters Not Charged with Treason or Sedition

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By: Konrad Holden

In Brief: 
Since January the FBI has rounded up and charged over 500 individuals in connection with the Capitol riots on January 6th. None of these individuals have been charged with either treason or sedition. This comes after 6 months of left-wing talking heads and news reporters calling the riot an “armed insurrection.” While the FBI has already charged 500 people, they say many are still at large.

The Background:   
In an Associated Press report on Tuesday, the outlet revealed that none of the 500 arrested Jan. 6 Capitol rioters have been charged with treason or sedition. The FBI has focused mainly on lesser charges of criminal trespass, entering a restricted building, or obstructing justice.

Many have called the rioters’ actions treasonous and seditious. For example, 66-year-old Thomas Caldwell, who did not enter the Capitol building and was not a part of any of the organized groups represented at the Capitol, has been accused of helping to plan a violent assault on the Capitol. 

But Caldwell has only received lesser charges and has actually been allowed to stay at his home during his trial. 

According to the AP, less than 10 people have ever been convicted of treason in the US. This is because treason and sedition cases can be quite difficult to prove since many so-called seditious acts have been protected under the First Amendment, such as speaking out against government corruption.

According to court documents, only 13 of those charged have pleaded guilty so far.

Notable Quotes: 

"This didn't seem like an armed insurrection to me." - Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.)

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