October 3, 2022

Is The New Italian Leader A Fascist?

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By Ophelia Garrett

In Brief: 

The Liberal Left is blowing a gasket with cries of “Fascism!” over the newly elected Italian Prime Minister (PM). Their outrage is all because her motto is “We defend God, country, and family.”

The Background: 

The newly elected and first ever female Italian Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, has expressed her dedication to traditional family values, opposition to gender ideology and the LGBTQIA+ lobby, as well as support for strong borders and an end to mass migration. Her stances have earned her the hatred of the liberal left. 

A quick Google search brings headlines such as “The Return of Facsism in Italy,” used by both The Atlantic and MSN, among others. CBS Mornings called her “Far Right,” and then continued on to call her a Fascist. 

However, the backlash and false claims have been so extreme that even one of her staunchest rivals is defending her. Former Italian prime minister and head of the liberal Italia Viva party, Matteo Renzi, stated during an interview with CNN,Personally, I was against Giorgia Meloni. I’m not her best friend. We grew up together in politics, but we are, and will be, rivals, always. She is my rival, and we will continue to fight each other, but the idea that now there is a risk of fascism in Italy is absolutely fake news.” Renzi further stated he is “exactly the opposite of Giorgia Meloni, because she is a sovereigntist and I’m for Europe [the European Union].”

Notable Quotes: 

“That is very important, because I fought against her, but at the same time, I think there is not a danger for fascism in Italy.” –Former Italian Prime Minister Renzi 

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