August 29, 2022

IRS Claims Armed Agents Are For Customer Service

  • Flyover Country

By Ophelia Garrett

In Brief: 

After hiring 87,000 new agents, and requiring them to be comfortable carrying firearms, engaging in “Deadly Force” if necessary, the IRS is now backtracking. They now are claiming that the majority of the new hires will be “customer service” agents.

The Background: 

The IRS recently came under fire for advertising the need for 87,000 new agents who would be capable of carrying weapons and using them as deadly force if need be. 

However, they quickly came back saying that they were actually mostly for customer service positions and filling in for positions left vacant by retirements.

“The majority of hires made with these resources fill positions of the 50,000 IRS employees who are on the verge of retirement. Of the net new hires, the majority are hired to improve customer services – from upgrading IT to answering phone calls,” a Treasury Department spokesperson claimed.

But Matt Welch of Reason pokes holes in the claim that most of the new hires would be devoted to “customer service.” He states that their defense is hard to swallow, as the Congressional Research Service (CRS) reveals the $80 billion for additional IRS funding is allotted variously to $45.6 billion for “enforcement activities,” $25.3 billion for “operations support,” $4.8 billion for “business systems modernization,” and only $3.2 billion to improve “taxpayer services.”

Notable Quotes: 

“The Treasury Department spokesperson would have us believe that 50.01 percent of newly created positions funded by this $80 billion injection will work in the divisions receiving just 10 percent of the money. That is just not credible, let alone a credible basis for debunking someone else’s fact.” – Matt Welch

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