September 13, 2021

Human Rights Campaign President Fired for Advising Cuomo

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In Brief: 

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC), a leftist organization advocating for LGBTQ+ issues, fired its president on Monday after reports that he assisted NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo in his sexual abuse scandal. Former HRC President Alphonso David released the personnel file of one of Cuomo’s alleged victims to Cuomo’s aide. The HRC board voted unanimously, except for two people abstaining, to fire David.

The Background: 

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo isn’t the only one who lost his job after he was accused of sexually assaulting multiple women during his time in office.

Alphonso David, the now-former president of the Human Rights Campaign, was fired on Monday for assisting Gov. Cuomo’s office in trying to discredit one of his accusers.

David was formerly legal counsel in the Governor’s office and had directly counsel Lindsey Boylan, who was the first person to accuse Cuomo of sexual harassment.

When David left Cuomo’s office he took confidential files about Boylan with him. Almost immediately after Boylan first tweeted about the sexual harassment, top Cuomo aide Melissa DeRosa asked David if she could see Boylan’s “full file.” David sent over multiple files which the NY AG’s report referred to as “confidential files.” These files were later sent to the press by Cuomo aides.

After David was fired by HRC’s board, his name was almost immediately removed from their website and an interim president was announced.

Notable Quotes: 

“[The board’s] refusal to offer up the findings, even with the indication that they found no evidence of wrongdoing, and yet still urge me to consider resigning during a holiday weekend to avoid media interest, does a disservice to any persons or organizations involved in the fight for civil and human rights.” - Alphonso Boylan, former Human Rights Campaign president

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