February 10, 2023

Harvard's "Misinformation" Research Program Slinks Off in the Dark

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By Jackson Kincaid

In Brief: 

The Director of Havard’s Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics, and Public Policy has announced the end of its Technology and Social Change Project - a “misinformation” education think tank. 

The Background: 

Harvard’s Technology and Social Change Project, which studied disinformation online, has shut down for what the outlet referred to as "bureaucratic reasons." Harvard will be parting ways will Dr. Joan Donovan, who has led the project since its inception in 2019 to "help newsroom leaders fight misinformation and media manipulation." 

Dr. Donovan was quite vocal in her skepticism of the authenticity of the Hunter Biden Laptop story, even after it was verified by numerous sources. In an apparent reference to Big Tech’s suppression of the story, the New York Times reported Donavan's project concluded that the media's reaction to the revelations offered "an instructive case study on the power of social media and news organizations to mitigate media manipulation campaigns,” said Fox News.

Donovan stated on a podcast on election day 2020, "What we see as researchers when they're trying to make a story happen time and time again, and it doesn't, then you start to see the intensification and adaptation of tactics.” 

Departments such as this, alongside various think tanks, nonprofits, and “fact checkers,” benefited from an influx of attention and funding from globalist billionaires. Most emerged out of nowhere in recent years, following the election of Donald Trump, to assume a leading role in the censorship of social media platforms. 


Notable Quotes: 

“So, we pretty much expected more and different styles of attack, including a leak, but was really suspicious of it, is you’ve got someone with millions of dollars. He can’t afford Geek Squad at Best Buy to come to his house for the laptop that he has evidence of crimes on? I mean, it’s really hard to believe.” – Dr. Donovan, in reference to Hunter’s Laptop


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