March 20, 2020

Growing Number of States Issue Stay at Home Orders

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By: Nate James

In Brief:

A growing number of states is ordering lockdowns and stay-at-home orders as the panic over Coronavirus spreads.

The Background:

Illinois, Pennsylvania, California, and New York have gone into “lockdown,” with “non-essential” businesses ordered to close.

The Daily Mail reports:

The Governor of Illinois has announced a stay at home order, making it the latest state to shut down after New York and California as President Trump refuses to issue a national quarantine in the battle against Coronavirus.

On Friday, NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo issued a total ban on non-essential businesses and warned there would be strict fines for any businesses that do not comply. It will go into effect on Sunday evening and is indefinite. 

California issued its own stay-at-home order on Thursday night. It applies to all 40 million people in the state who do not work in crucial industries like healthcare services, public transportation, grocery stores, pharmacies, news organizations and internet providers, and is indefinite. 

Why It Matters:

People are concerned about the government overstepping its authority to tell people what to do.

Notable Quotes:

Nate James writes from Texas.


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