April 10, 2020

Governor Of Alaska Bans Abortions During Coronavirus

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This article was originally published by the Daily Caller News Foundation and is republished here with permission from Creative Commons. 

By: Mary Margaret Olohan

Republican Alaska Gov. Michael Dunleavy announced Tuesday that all elective medical procedures, including abortions, are temporarily banned in the state due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Dunleavy issued a Tuesday COVID-19 update mandating that “all patients, providers, hospitals, and surgical centers” must postpone non-urgent or elective medical procedures to “decrease the overall impact on the Alaska health care structure and preserve personal protective equipment.”

The order will stay in effect until June 15. 

The order included surgical abortions, an attachment stated: “Healthcare providers are to postpone surgical abortion procedures unless the life or physical health of the mother is endangered by continuation of the pregnancy during the period of postponement.”

Alaska joined Texas, Ohio, Oklahoma, Indiana, Iowa and Mississippi in deeming abortions non-essential and banning them to preserve Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for fighting coronavirus.

The Alaska governor also announced a day of prayer and hope Tuesday.

“In times of uncertainty, such as this global health pandemic we are fending off, prayer and hope are powerful resources that are immediately accessible to every Alaskan across every faith and religious tradition,” the governor said in a statement.

He added: “In the past weeks and months, we have witnessed some of the greatest acts of compassion we’ve ever seen – Alaskans putting their personal wants and needs aside as we consider the most vulnerable in our state and work to slow the spread of this devastating virus.”

“I invite all Alaskans to join me this Friday as we come together to pray for and focus our positive wishes on Alaska, the country, and the world,” he added. “I have no doubt that the people of this great state will emerge from this pandemic stronger, more compassionate, and more united than ever.”

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