January 15, 2021

Governor Cuomo's COVID-19 Vaccine Restrictions Result in Vaccine Destruction

  • Jan 18, 2021
  • Executive

By: Paul Brown

In Brief:

Medical providers across the state of New York have been throwing away extra doses of COVID-19 vaccines due to exceedingly tight regulations ordered by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

On Friday Governor Cuomo finally loosened the restrictions, allowing for vaccination of a wider range of “essential” workers, including teachers and individuals over the age of 75, who were previously restricted.

The Background:

New York is a state known for very restrictive laws from tight gun control, to high taxes. Governor Cuomo’s restrictions on who is allowed to receive the COVID-19 vaccination have resulted in the loss of unused vaccines, which have expired since there were not enough people available to receive the vaccine that fit the restricted profiles.

Marc Molinaro, the executive of Dutchess County, north of New York City referred to the vaccine distribution efforts as “a tangled mess.”

Notable Quotes:

“They’re unwinding little by little a tangled mess,” - Marc Molinaro, the executive of Dutchess County

“We’re seeing them in our office, and it just seems like we’re turning them away today just so we can call them back in a week and say, ‘Now you can get your vaccine” - Dr. Neil Calman

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