July 11, 2022

Gov Newsom Using Tax Dollars on Banned Travel?

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By: Ophelia Garrett

In Brief: 

California’s Democratic governor is enjoying some R&R with the in-laws in Montana this week… despite Big Sky Country being one of 20 states to which the Golden State (California) bars official, state-funded travel over laws deemed discriminatory against LGBTQ+ people.

The Background:

California initially enacted restrictions on state-funded travel in 2016 under Newsom’s predecessor, Jerry Brown. Montana was added to the no-go list in June of last year, along with Arkansas, Florida, North Dakota and West Virginia, and the list of states continues to grow.

“When states discriminate against LGBTQ+ Americans, California law requires our office to take action,” state Attorney General Rob Bonta said at the time.

So the question is: is Gov Newsom skirting the rules and once again putting himself above the law? And are California tax dollars paying for his hypocrisy once again?

“‘Asked if the state is paying for his security, York (Newsoms Spokesperson) says the office doesn’t comment on security.’ So, yes then,” said State Sen. Melissa Melendez.

So even if tax dollars did not pay for this trip, the optics of a trip to a state on California’s naughty list are hypocritical at best.  And this is just the latest example of  Gov. Newsom being caught breaking his own dictated rules and furthering his “rules for thee, not for me” image… 

During the height of lockdowns he imposed, the governor was roundly accused of hypocrisy when he was caught attending a dinner party at a posh Napa Valley eatery. As well as attending a lavish wedding officiated by a maskless Nancy Pelosi. Pictures quickly circulated of a large group of maskless attendants and diners enjoying the freedom Gov. Newsom was denying the entire state.

Notable Quotes:

“Democrats have banned state travel to these states. You’ll note Montana is on the list. Also of note, Gavin Newsom is currently vacationing in … Montana.”  – State Senator Melissa Melendez.

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