January 4, 2021

GOP Congressmen Will Object to Biden Election Certification

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By: Amy Jo Underwood 

In Brief:

A group of GOP congressmen, including Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), have stated that they demand a ten-day emergency audit of the votes from disputed states. If the request is not granted, they will challenge the electoral certification. According to the protocol, if both a House member and member of the Senate object, a vote and debate will be mandatory. Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) and Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) have been leaders in a joint effort to challenge the certification of the electoral votes.

The Background:

After weeks of allegations of voter fraud, a large group of GOP congressmen have stated that they are asking Congress to appoint a commission to conduct a ten-day emergency audit of the election results. The Hill reports that the congressmen intend to object the certification of the Electoral College votes if the audit is denied. The congressmen stated that they “intend to vote on January 6 to reject the electors from disputed states as not ‘regularly given’ and ‘lawfully certified’ (the statutory requisite), unless and until that emergency 10-day audit is completed.” 

According to Fox, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has discouraged challenging the election results. Regardless, a dozen senators have decided to demand an audit in the states where election results were disputed. Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) has stated that he intends to address the topic of mail-in ballots and voter fraud. Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) stated that around fifty congressmen have agreed to object to the certification of votes from disputed states. 

Vice President Mike Pence will preside over Congress on January 6th. According to his spokesperson, “The Vice President welcomes the efforts of members of the House and Senate to use the authority they have under the law to raise objections and bring forward evidence before the Congress and the American people on January 6th.” 

Notable Quotes:

“...Congress should immediately appoint an Electoral Commission, with full investigatory and fact-finding authority, to conduct an emergency 10-day audit of the election returns in the disputed states. Once completed, individual states would evaluate the Commission’s findings and could convene a special legislative session to certify a change in their vote, if needed.” - Statement from the Congressmen 

“It’s pretty clear that the momentum is growing in support of the objections to states' submittals of Electoral College votes because of their flawed election systems and render them unworthy of trust. We now, in the House side, are up to dozens of congressmen who are willing to object or co-sponsor objections to various states’ submittals, so we have more congressmen than we have states to object to.” - Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL)



Amy Jo Underwood writes from Alabama

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