May 11, 2023

"Gender Affirming" Surgery on Minors Confirmed

  • Analysis, Flyover Country

By Ophelia Garrett



In Brief:

Despite the many protestations that genital mutilation of minors is a figment of the GOP’s imagination, it would appear Duke University is pushing just that.

The Background: 

According to a new report released by Education First Alliance, medical schools such as Duke University are offering transitionary resources for children. 

Dr. Nancy Anderson recently sat down with Fox and Friends to discuss the report and the dangers surrounding early access to sex-based treatment and the growing push from the liberal left to “normalize” genital mutilation of minors. Dr. Anderson stated, "As soon as the child thinks or pretends they might be a different sex, then that must be affirmed, and no questions asked."

She further stated that medicine has become a tool of “activism” and doctors see themselves as the “activist,” thereby fighting the battle of our generation, or more specifically, for control of our generation. 

Duke Medical which opened its gender clinic back in 2015 claims to have given gender-based treatment to those as young as 2 years old. 

Dr. Anderson continued, "And just to clarify, these institutions are very specific about the mode of treatment as gender-affirming care, which means that this is a pathway, a highway that you can't get off of….These big systems cover the entire state of North Carolina, and they're doing it in family medicine. That's right, your corner doctors. Their aim is to turn these places into pill mills for children… as young as two, starting with the social and then moving with the hormones and so forth."


Notable Quotes: 

"Medicine has become an activist entity. There are activists that are now physicians and medical providers who have radical progressive ideologies who have no problem with socially transitioning two, three, four-year-olds in gender-affirming care." – Dr. Nancy Anderson



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