January 12, 2023

Florida to Regain Some Control Over Disney?

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By Jackson Kincaid


In Brief: 

Florida has introduced legislation that would remove some of the autonomy that Disney and its properties have long taken advantage of in Florida. This legislation is in large part to protect the citizens of Orange County from bearing the burden of Disney’s debts and taxes. 

The Background: 

The planned legislation will ensure that Disney & Co. will pay upward of $700 million in unsecured debt accumulated by Reedy Creek Improvement District — and not Orange County taxpayers.

“The corporate kingdom has come to an end,” Taryn Fenske, a DeSantis rep, said Friday. 

“Under the proposed legislation, Disney will no longer control its own government, will live under the same laws as everyone else, will be responsible for their outstanding debts, and will pay their fair share of taxes,” reports the New York Post

Disney has been extremely vocal in their criticism of Florida’s conservative government, particularly the bill nefariously nicknamed “Don’t Say Gay,” which is aimed at protecting the innocence of minor Floridians.  Yet, Disney has been enjoying excessive benefits at the hands of Florida. 

“We will have an even playing field for businesses in Florida, and the state certainly owes no special favors to one company,” the spokesperson added. “Disney’s debts will not fall on the taxpayers of Florida. A plan is in the works and will be released soon.”

Notable Quotes: 

“Imposing a state-controlled board will also ensure that Orange County cannot use this issue as a pretext to raise taxes on Orange County residents.” – Taryn Fenske, Gov. DeSantis spokesperson



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