November 4, 2022

Female High School Student Suspension Lifted, Father Fired over Locker-Room Concern

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By Ophelia Garrett

In Brief: 

Randolph Union High School in the state of Vermont was in hot water after it threatened suspension of several female student-athletes after they voiced concerns over a  transgendered student who was harassing them while using the womens’ locker room. However, the father of one of the students is now suing the school district after he was fired from his job of soccer coach due to defending his daughter.

The Background: 

Republic Press reported earlier last month on the Vermont High School athletic team who was facing suspension for reporting harassment they’d received from a transgender student in their lockerroom. While the suspension has been lifted for the students, the school is refusing to lift the suspension of their soccer coach. And what was worthy of suspension? The coach publicly defending his 14 year old daughter.

Student Blake Allen, her father Travis Allen, and Alliance Defending Freedom senior counsel Tyson Langhofer joined "Fox & Friends First" to discuss the lawsuit and their concerns about how the school handled the incident. "The school is just failing all of us," Blake told co-host Todd Piro. "I was supposed to be suspended because I wanted to talk about something? That just doesn't seem right."

Travis told Fox, "I had no other options. We didn't know what to do… This is why we've gone this route. Because when you're being bullied by the head administration at the school, where else do you turn? They want me to fall in line and do as I'm told, and not offer any of my own opinions."

Notable Quotes: 

"If your kids are not comfortable, then you need to speak up for them. That's what we're here for. We're parents. We're here to protect them." – Travis Allen

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