August 26, 2021

 FBI: US Capitol Riot Was Not Coordinated

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By: Konrad Holden

In Brief: 
Sources inside the FBI have said that there is little evidence that the January 6th riot was a coordinated effort. Over 600 people have been arrested in connection with the riot, but none of them have been charged with “seditious conspiracy,” which would indicate they were trying to overthrow the government. The vast majority of charges brought are one-off cases aimed at singular individuals.

The Background:
The FBI is still handing down charges for people involved in the January 6th Capitol riot. Some individuals are still in jail and have not yet had a court hearing.

While the FBI has brought charges against 618 people so far, no evidence has surfaced of an insurrection plot or seditious conspiracy.

Democrats and the mainstream media have continued to blow the event out of proportion, calling it an “armed insurrection” even without evidence.

There have been 40 charges of conspiracy which have not risen to the level of “seditious conspiracy” because the FBI has found no evidence that the groups had plans to overthrow the government. Some alleged conspirators have been accused of discussing what they would wear and where they would meet at the rally.

Further still, the FBI has not found any evidence which would incriminate former President Donald J. Trump of inciting violence or leading a coup.

The House Select Committee assigned to look into the attack has asked that Trump testify, but the former President has so far refused to do so.

Notable Quotes: 

"The questions need to be asked, the answers we need to get to, deal with why there wasn't a better security posture that day. Only the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives can answer that." - Rep. Jim Jorden (R-OH)

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