March 2, 2023

FBI: Pawn of the Left?

  • Analysis, Executive

By Ophelia Garrett

In Brief: 

The FBI has been under more and more scrutiny for its obvious bias in recent years. From the FBI working with Twitter to violate the first amendment rights of citizens – even that of a sitting President – to burying stories unflattering to liberals and attempting to swing the Presidential election, the facts are piling up and hard to ignore.

The Background: 

The difference in how the FBI handles liberals versus conservatives is astounding. 

A recent example is how the FBI conducted an unannounced raid on the personal house of former President Trump while showing a lackadaisical attitude toward Biden for the same offense. Then, there is the handling of Hunter Biden’s laptop in 2020, and further back, its handling of Hillary Clinton potentially exposing massive amounts of top-secret information and data via an unsecured server. 

The New York post reports that “Back in 2018, the FBI agreed to destroy the laptops of top Clinton aides after a limited examination of their contents (including a promise not to examine any post-Jan. 31, 2015 emails or content). When BleachBit software and hammers were used to destroy email evidence under congressional subpoena, the FBI treated it as a harmless error.”

The FBI raided Trump's residence but allowed Biden’s personal lawyers to handle his “lost” classified documents. Now, leaks from inside the FBI are showing the full extent of bias for the American left vs right. 

Again, the New York Post wrote: “Those menaces are not a priority for the Biden administration or Attorney General Merrick Garland’s Department of Justice, which is obsessed with abortion above all else. Instead, the FBI has been sicced on parents at school board meetings and traditional Catholics who go to Latin Mass; they are labeled domestic terrorists.”

So “who guards the guardians?” 


Notable Quotes: 

“Thank God for the selfless FBI whistleblowers who are spilling the beans on the rancid ideology that has infected that powerful federal law enforcement agency.”  – Miranda Devine, New York Post



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