February 19, 2021

Father of Parkland Victim Condemns Biden for Exploiting Shooting

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In Brief:

Andrew Pollack, father of one of the Parkland school shooting victims, denounced President Biden for using the anniversary of the Parkland shooting to speak about gun control policy. He accused Biden of using the tragedy to push an agenda that has no ability to effectively prevent further shootings. 

The Background:

Andrew Pollack, author of “Why Meadow Died: the People and Policies that Created the Parkland Shooter and Endanger America’s Students” has accused President Biden of using the Parkland tragedy to further his own gun control policies. Pollack stated that after his daughter Meadow was fatally shot during the Parkland massacre, he looked into the data behind gun violence and how to prevent further instances. He discovered that more gun control was not the solution.

Pollack stated, “When you put just gun control measures in, you mask solutions, okay, because they’re very simple-minded, you know, they’re not able to look at, really, the failures. And that’s what we did. There were so many failures in Parkland. All those students and the media, they jumped on the gun control bandwagon.”

Notable Quotes:

“Every one of those [gun control measures] that he wants to put in place wouldn’t have made a difference in my daughter getting murdered in Parkland. They’re not capable of looking at solutions.” - Andrew Pollack, father of Meadow Pollack, Parkland school shooting victim 

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