August 26, 2021

Facebook Tolerates Human Smugglers But Not Conservatives

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By: Konrad Holden

In Brief: 
According to the Tech Transparency Project, human smugglers have been using Facebook advertising to attract migrants, even pregnant mothers, to illegally cross the southern border. The Project said that they released a report to Facebook of 50 groups that promoted the illegal services. Facebook only removed half of the list. Meanwhile, conservative voices continue to be shut down by the big tech platform.

The Background: 
The crisis on the southern border has gotten completely out of hand since the Biden administration took over in January. Hundreds of thousands of migrants have tried to cross the border just this summer, even breaking a 21-year record in June.

At least part of that is caused by human smugglers using Facebook to attract migrants from Mexico and Central America.

The Tech Transparency Project, which seeks to hold large technology companies accountable, released a report detailing how human smugglers, some potentially linked to cartels, are advertising their services on Facebook.

Many smugglers are doing it out in the open, even publishing their fees, potential routes, and false information that pregnant women will not be stopped.

While Facebook gives some smugglers and the Taliban open access to their platforms, conservative voices continue to be silenced. Former President Trump is still banned for another two years and many conservative Americans find themselves in Facebook jail just for saying their opinion out loud.

For any reasonable observer, this shows that Facebook’s and the big tech giants' priorities lie more with illegal aliens than with everyday American citizens.

Notable Quotes:

“Facebook has in many ways become a one-stop shop for human smugglers, allowing them to identify, solicit, and privately communicate with would-be migrants.” - Nilda M. Garcia, Tech Transparency Project

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