April 13, 2021

DeSantis Blasts Google and YouTube for Censoring Medical Experts

  • Flyover Country

By: Amy Jo Underwood

In Brief: 

YouTube removed a panel discussion between Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) and a panel of medical experts, citing “misinformation concerns.” DeSantis stated that many conspiracy videos are allowed to remain on YouTube, and claimed that he was being censored.

The Background: 

Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) recently held a panel discussion with medical experts on COVID-19, but his video was quickly taken down by YouTube. 

According to YouTube, they “removed this video because it included content that contradicts the consensus of local and global health authorities regarding the efficacy of masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19.”

Among the statements made in the video were claims that vaccinated individuals could resume daily life, and that young children did not need to wear masks. Masks have yet to be scientifically proven as effective against the spread of the virus, and it has been proven that most young children are least at risk for contracting COVID-19. However, YouTube claimed that the content in the video violated their policies and was misinformation.

The medical experts on the panel included Dr. Scott Atlas, a controversial former advisor to President Trump, and other medical professionals who supported DeSantis’ push to reopen the state of Florida. 

DeSantis stated that the removal of his video was Big Tech censorship, and that many videos touting conspiracy theories were allowed to remain on YouTube. Google and YouTube have continually targeted information that is not in line with the current narrative surrounding COVID-19, most of which has not been scientifically proven.

Notable Quotes:

“Google/YouTube has not been throughout this pandemic repositories of truth and scientific inquiry, but have instead acted [as] enforcers of a narrative, a big tech council of censors in service of the ruling elite.” - Gov. Ron DeSantis

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