August 5, 2022

Democrats Losing Hispanic Voters Due to Woke Agenda

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In Brief: 

According to one MSNBC host, the Democrat party has lost touch with Hispanic voters due to emphasis on progressive social issues. 

Conservative critics point out that the Hispanic community has a large emphasis on morals, religion, and family, all of which have been under increasing attack by the left over the last several years.

The Background: 

According to the New York Times and an exit poll from 2020, only 25% of Hispanic voters identify as liberal, with the majority identifying as moderate or right-leaning. 

Conservative Hispanic politicians are increasingly speaking up against Democratic policies, including recently-elected Maya Flores, Congresswoman from Texas. 

"I'm calling on the Hispanic community, fight for your Abuela's values,” said Rep. Flores. “Fight for your parent's values that were instilled in you, that live in us and instill those values into your kids, and into your grandkids, because this is really a battle against good versus evil, and them wanting to take everything away from us."

First-generation Cuban, Chris Formoso, told Fox, "The Democrats really lost working-class people…There is no way we could vote for them, especially when Republicans have been more focused on the issues that matter."

Notable Quotes: 

“Your average Hispanic tends to be far more religious and traditional in their cultural views than your average Democrat. So, I think if you understand the cultural transformation that we've seen on the Democrats, where they've become a lot more radicalized, and at the same time Hispanics… don’t just believe in the American dream. We personify it. Hispanics are really succeeding in America, the Democratic message just does not appeal to Hispanics." - Giancarlo Sopo, Fox News

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