June 23, 2022

Democrats Eye Biden Alternatives for 2024

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By: Ophelia Garrett 

In Brief: 

As we hit mid 2022, minds and eyes are already beginning to turn towards the 2024 Presidential elections. And with that, possible candidates for the Democratic party. Key players are staying mum on if they will support a repeat Biden ticket. During a recent interview with CNN, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) refused to endorse Biden for reelection and when she was further pushed stated, “Yes, I think we should endorse when we get to it. But I believe that the President has been doing a very good job so far. And should he run again, I think that -- I think it's -- we will take a look at it.”

The Background:

According to Fox News, only 9% of likely voters in New Hampshire "definitely" want President Biden to run again, while 20% said he should "probably" run, according to a recent poll. New Hampshire hosts the first primary in presidential elections.

The numbers for a potential run by Vice President Kamala Harris are even more bleak. Sixty-four percent of respondents view Harris unfavorably as a potential 2024 Democratic presidential nominee, compared to 56% who viewed Biden unfavorably.

The current names being whispered the most are Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA), Gov. J.B. Pritzker ( D-Ill), and Gov. Phil Murphy, (D-NJ). Former Obama adviser David Axelrod told Politico. "If Biden isn’t going to run, but he doesn’t make that decision until very late, as is his habit, there’s not a lot of time to introduce yourself to the country. So that favors the candidates who have already run and it may favor candidates who already have resources, like Pritzker and Murphy," he stated.

Notable Quotes:

"[The] 2024 parlor game has intensified…as Democrats privately raise concerns about his age (soon to be 80), his poll numbers (hovering around half that), and the prospect of a midterm rout in November." – Politico

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