November 4, 2021

"Defund the Police" Defeated at the Polls

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By: Konrad Holden

In Brief:

In addition to the huge Republican win on Tuesday night’s election, Americans roundly rejected the “Defund the Police” movement at the ballot box. In Minneapolis, where the movement was strongest, a ballot measure to replace the police department lost the vote by a whopping 56% against and 44% in favor. All across the country, Americans wanted to keep the police in their cities with some minor reforms going into effect in places like Albany, New York and Cleveland, Ohio.

The Background:

The “Defund the Police” movement is the definition of a flash-in-the-pan.

It barely lasted a year, and similar initiatives have already been walked back in various cities across the country.

In Austin, Dallas, and Oakland, “defund the police” turned into “refund the police” after city councils realized or were forced to realize they need more police funds and more police officers.

“Defund the Police” was finally killed off in state and local elections across the country on Tuesday.

In Minneapolis, voters rejected the city council’s proposed “department of public safety” in favor of keeping the police department. That is in spite of the massive protests and calls for police reform in the city after the controversy surrounding the death of George Floyd in the city last summer.

In New York City, voters elected a former police officer who has vowed to carry a gun while mayor. His campaign revolved largely around the issues of crime and public safety. He is advocating for a more robust police presence in the city.

All of this shows the deep unpopularity of the radical Democrat “Defund the Police” mantra.

Notable Quotes:

“And we’re going to get the safety we need and the justice we deserve. They go together. By driving down gun violence and crime from our streets while we drive our biases and bad behavior from those who are tarnishing the shield.” - New York Mayor-elect Eric Adams

"I feel very strongly we can't pick up these things just because it makes a good headline. It sometimes destroys headway. We need to work on what makes headway, rather than what makes headlines." - Democrat Rep. James Clyburn on “Defund the Police” hurting Democrats in elections across the country


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