November 5, 2021

DC Health Dept. to Revoke Unvaccinated First Responders' Medical Licenses

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By: Konrad Holden 

In Brief: 

In September, the Washington D.C. Health Department announced that all licensed health care workers will need to get vaccinated by September 30th. That includes all the city’s EMTs and firefighters. The city is threatening them with losing their jobs and even losing their medical licenses. So far, no workers have faced discipline, even though 300 are still unvaccinated. A group of Republicans in the House are urging the city to rescind the mandate.

The Background: 

In the summer, President Biden completely failed to hit his vaccination rate goal.

And, the vaccine mandates rolling out from federal agencies and local authorities have been deeply unpopular. Many municipalities are in a gridlock with their first responders over whether or not they will get the shot and follow the mandates.

Even in Washington D.C., the city’s health department has made threats against their EMTs and firefighters who will not get vaccinated. The first responders have been threatened with losing their medical licenses and most likely their jobs.

In a letter signed by Reps. Andy Harris, Madison Cawthorn, Jeff Duncan, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and Ronny Jackson, the members of Congress urged the health department to reverse the threat and allow the first responders to work.

"Rather than proceed with the blanket COVID-19 vaccine mandate currently slated to take effect at the end of the month, we urge you to amend the policy to allow exceptions for individuals demonstrating existing natural immunity and also suggest you consider implementing a regular testing regime as an alternative to vaccination," they wrote.

The group of representatives believes that the policy will cripple the city’s ability to respond to the public’s needs.

Notable Quotes: 

"As Members of Congress who must regularly travel to and work in Washington, D.C. we are concerned with the effect COVID-19 vaccination policies announced by your office may have on emergency services in the district, specifically among D.C. Fire and Emergency Medical Services (FEMS).” - Letter from 6 House Republicans

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