May 19, 2023

Cruz Calls out Biden over Title 42 Expiration

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By Ophelia Garrett


In Brief:

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) took to Twitter to show the country what's really happening at the border and to call out President Biden directly for his responsibility in the happenings. 


The Background: 

As the clock on Title 42, a Trump-era immigration policy, ticked towards its end, Sen. Cruz had had as much as he could stand. Taking to Twitter, Cruz showed the fence and wire measly protecting our borders. In the video, he points over the fence and river and informs our president that “22,0000 illegal immigrants right across the river” are waiting. 

“Joe Biden, this is your fault. The people who are killed crossing illegally, that is your fault," he continued. "The women who are sexually abused crossing illegally, that is your fault. The children who are brutalized crossing illegally, that is your fault. The people who are dying of drug overdoses — over 100,000 last year — that is your fault."

Cruz has requested Biden visit the border once again so he can see for himself the damage being done to these people. 

"Come down here, President Biden. Stop hiding in the basement, stop pretending this misery is not your fault, stop it. This is not humane, this is not compassionate. This is cruel," Cruz said.


Notable Quotes: 

"There is a full-blown invasion unfolding, and Texas is paying the price.” – Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)



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