October 26, 2021

Country Legend Travis Tritt: 'I won't play at venues with COVID mandates'

  • Flyover Country


By: Konrad Holden

In Brief: 

Country music star Travis Tritt announced that he will no longer play at any venue that requires fans to wear masks, be vaccinated, or undergo unreasonable COVID-19 testing to watch his concert. Tritt said many fans have been showing up to his concerts and finding out they can’t come in due to their vaccination status. The star said, “I felt like I had to stand up for freedom.”

The Background: 

Since 2020, Americans have been locked down, masked, and prohibited from enjoying sports games, social gatherings, and concerts.

Since the draconian lockdown policies were finally lifted, people have been back out and about. For many people, the world is nearly back to normal in terms of things they can do.

But with the recent push for vaccination, some have been turned away again from their favorite entertainment options because of a personal health choice.

That’s why country music star Travis Tritt says he won’t play at venues that require vaccine mandates, masking, or unreasonable COVID-19 testing. 

He said that often it is not a state or local government creating these policies, but it is the venue owners restricting their own customers. 

“This is trying to shame people. This is trying to basically discriminate against people that they don’t feel are clean enough to be part of enjoying a concert like that,” Tritt said.

Tritt has done 75 concerts already this year but has canceled any future concert where fans are required to prove vaccination status or wear a mask.

Notable Quotes: 

"These people have been shut out from getting a chance to go see concerts for over a year, and they are finally getting a chance to do that again, and now they are being turned away for some unexplained reason, so this is not about following the science or trying to look out for the safety of the people there. This is about something else. This is trying to divide people." - Travis Tritt

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