June 18, 2021

Colorado Bar Requiring Proof-of-Vaccination for Entry

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By: Konrad Holden

In Brief:

One Colorado bar has closed its inside seating  to unvaccinated patrons. In April, Bar Max in Denver announced that only customers who can prove that they have been vaccinated for COVID19 will be allowed inside the establishment. The bar stated that non-vaccinated individuals are “free” to have their drinks outside on the patio. The policy taken by the Colorado bar is in line with many passive-aggressive tactics taken in liberal cities and businesses as more individuals return to post-pandemic life.  

The Background:

As many areas begin to open back up completely, most businesses have respected their customers’ personal decisions about the vaccine—but not all. 

One bar in Denver decided that you may only enter their business if you present proof that you have been inoculated against COVID19. Bar Max is restricting its indoor dining space to vaccinated customers only, while unvaccinated customers may use the outdoor space.

This policy, which has been enforced by hospitals, workplaces, and even entertainment venues across the country, is not forced vaccination. It is more insidious than that.

While it seems unlikely that anyone will be held down and vaccinated in America so far, these kinds of policies exhibit a different kind of coercion on the American people. 

If this trend spreads, Americans will be faced with a question: “If I can’t go to work, get something to eat, or participate in normal public life without the vaccine, what choice do I have?” This type of coercion flies underneath the radar and is a complete invasion of personal health information.

In May, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission released guidance stating that federal law does not prohibit employers from requiring the vaccine.

Notable Quotes: 

“I am absolutely keeping people out, keeping people out who are potentially a threat to the health and safety of me, my employees and my customers.” - Marshall Smith, Owner of Bar Max

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