October 22, 2021

CNN's Brian Stelter Less Popular Than Peppa Pig, Paw Patrol, Spongebob, and Golden Girls

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By: Konrad Holden

In Brief: 
In ratings released this week, CNN’s Brian Stelter’s rating has fallen below several children’s TV shows, even among 25-54 aged viewers. Stelter, known as a partisan Democrat show host with his show, Reliable Sources, was soundly beaten by popular cartoons Spongebob and Paw Patrol by over 40,000 viewers.  

The Background: 
25-54 year-old Americans are more interested in children’s shows and Golden Girl reruns than CNN’s Reliable Sources featuring left-wing TV host Brian Stelter.

The newly released ratings put Stelter below 800,000 total viewers for the seventh week in a row. 

Stelter was beaten by Peppa Pig, a children’s show featuring a pink talking pig that goes on adventures with her brother, parents, and friends. 3,000 more viewers in the important 25-54 year-old demographic watch Peppa Pig than Reliable Sources.

Brain Stelter was also “conquered” by the Fresh Prince of Bel Air which garnered 6,000 more 25-54 year-old viewers.

Most significantly, the 11:00 AM Reliable Sources show came in much lower than Fox News’ similar MediaBuzz, which also airs at 11:00 AM.

MediaBuzz destroyed Stelter’s ratings by nearly 72,000 more viewers.

These new numbers show the growing trend amongst Americans moving away from left-leaning shows and media outlets that former President Trump dubbed “fake news”. 

Notable Quotes: 

“Brian Stelter's show keeps slipping and slipping and slipping in the ratings. Same with Don Lemon's. It's the same thing. Everybody knows they're not real. They're not real humans.” - Joe Rogan, host of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast

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