November 18, 2021

CNN Hypocrites Spotted Maskless at Concert

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By: Konrad Holden

In Brief: 

CNN’s primetime anchor Don Lemon, Sunday show host Fareed Zakaria, and CNN’s President Jeff Zucker were spotted at a Billy Joel concert in New York City not wearing masks. Lemon and the entire network have been hammering politicians who have repealed mask mandates before CNN’s approval. The three were breaking current CDC guidelines which the network has praised since the beginning of the pandemic.

The Background: 

In early November, Jack Elbaum, a writer for FEE, went to a Billy Joel concert at Madison Square Garden in New York City. He noticed three familiar faces in the crowd.

Don Lemon, Fareed Zakaria, and CNN’s president Jeff Zucker were all in attendance not wearing masks.

While the trio was not breaking any of the venue’s rules since they are all fully vaccinated, CDC guidelines still encourage vaccinated individuals to wear masks when indoor in an area of substantial risk or high transmission, like a concert.

This is important, as Elbaum pointed out, because just a couple months ago Lemon was caught not wearing a mask in Florida. CNN wrote it off because Lemon was outdoors and in compliance with CDC guidelines.

This time he was not.

The entire CNN network has continually evangelized mask mandates, COVID-19 vaccines, and government overreach during the pandemic. When public officials have tried to protect Americans’ liberty, CNN anchors have attacked them, like Don Lemon did to Ron DeSantis recently.

CNN has not publicly responded to the Billy Joel concert incident.

Notable Quotes: 

“Mr. Lemon’s latest incident runs afoul of the standard CNN itself laid out just a few weeks ago.” - Jack Elbaum, FEE

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