May 23, 2023

CIA Conspired to Win Biden Election

  • Executive, Horse Race

By Ophelia Garrett


In Brief:

John Brennan, the Obama-era CIA chief, admitted to House investigators in a four-hour closed-door deposition last week that the letter used to discredit the Hunter Biden laptop story was “political.”

The Background: 

So far we know that 51 agents of various letters of the Intelligence Alphabet were knowingly involved in lying to the American people and helping sway the 2020 presidential election. 

Currently, a letter that was written and signed by former CIA director Michael Morell has been at the center of an investigation into interference. Morell originally had stated he wrote the letter due to his serious concerns that Russia was attempting to interfere in our election. However, it has now been revealed he had no concerns or intentions of writing the letter until the Biden campaign reached out to him.

It has been revealed previously that Morell was prompted to draft the letter by Biden campaign advisor Antony Blinken, now Secretary of State, who called him on Oct. 17, 2020 to discuss the Post’s article about the laptop.

Morell told fellow signatory John Brennan, former CIA director, that he wanted the letter released before Biden’s October 22, 2020, presidential debate against Donald Trump: “Trying to give the campaign, particularly during the debate . . .a talking point to push back on Trump.”


Notable Quotes: 

“I just want to thank everyone for signing the letter on the Hunter Biden emails. I think this is the most important election since 1860 and 1864 when the very existence of the country was on the ballot. Now, it is our democracy and the Constitution that are on the ballot. We all, of course, took an oath to ‘preserve, protect, and defend’ the Constitution. I think all of you did that yesterday by signing this letter.” – Michael Morell




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