August 13, 2022

Chris Pratt Taunts Woke Left

  • Flyover Country

By Ophelia Garrett

In Brief: 

Chris Pratt had the last laugh after "woke critics" on Rotten Tomatoes certified his new Amazon Prime show, The Terminal List, as "rotten," FoxNews reports. Pratt posted a photo of the Austin Powers character Dr. Evil with a caption reading “One point six BILLLLLLLLLION minutes.” The caption is alluding to a Nielsen report that claimed viewers devoted 1.6 billion minutes to watch the show so far this month.

The Background: 

Chris Pratt recently blasted back at “woke critics” when his series was criticized by writers in media outlets such as the Daily Beast and Slate for being “an unhinged right-wing revenge fantasy. An invitation to worship at the altar of the Navy SEALs.”

The Terminal List follows Pratt playing Navy SEAL commander James Reece as he embarks on a mission to find out who killed his platoon and enact revenge. Rotten Tomatoes reports an average rating of 40/100 from critics but 94/100 from viewers according to Daily Wire.

The show’s official Instagram account reported that The Terminal List was the number one show on Prime Video.

Notable Quotes: 

“As a veteran I appreciate their efforts to make this as realistic as possible. ” — Rotten Tomatoes reviewer

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