December 7, 2022

China Continues Covid Arrests And Imprisonments

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By Jackson Kincaid

In Brief: 

The people of China have had as much as they can take. The protest and riots of the people against the Chinese Communist Party have increased, not slackened, with the increase in retaliation by the government. 

The Background: 

The Central Political and Legal Affairs Commission released this statement:

“We must resolutely crack down on infiltration and sabotage activities by hostile forces in accordance with the law, resolutely crack down on illegal and criminal acts that disrupt social order and effectively maintain overall social stability.” 

The “sabotage activities” stem from protests coming from years of abuse at the hands of the Chinese government, all in the name of “safety” due to COVID. China has enacted a “zero-COVID” policy that continues to leave millions under lockdown and quarantine. Not only has the government taken to shuttering people into their homes, they are now denying them access to life-saving medications and basic access to food. The newest wave appears to have been spurred after 10 people died last week in an apartment fire, who had been shuttered inside during the lockdowns.

As the rest of the world returns to normal and looks at COVID as a thing of the past and to be accepted, China has gone from entire apartment complexes being locked down due to a single infection to continuing their building of “isolation camps” in eerily similarly veins as Germany’s concentration and forced labor camps. And not only are these isolation camps for COVID patients, but also a continuation of their pre-COVID “re-education” camps for Muslims, Christians, and anyone else the government sees as a threat to their power. 

Notable Quotes: 

“They have a right to make their views known. They have a right to be heard. That’s a fundamental right around the world. It should be. And that right should not be hindered with, and it shouldn’t be interfered with,” – US Ambassador to China Nicholas Burns



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