September 2, 2021

Chicago Woman Stripped of Parental Rights Over Vaccination

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In Brief: 

A Chicago judge ruled to take a son away from his mother due to her choice to not receive the COVID-19 vaccine. The woman and her ex-husband had a child support hearing over zoom, and the judge ruled to take away her custody rights since she had not been vaccinated against the virus. The ruling has since been reversed.

The Background: 

One of the most shocking ways that vaccine mandates have been enforced was in a recent case involving a divorced couple in Chicago.

Cook County Judge James Shapiro ordered Rebecca Firlit to get vaccinated in order to receive custody of her son, and she had her parental rights stripped away until she agreed to do so. The judge asked during a zoom hearing if Firlit had received the COVID-19 vaccine. Firlit replied that she had not, and explained that she had experienced bad reactions to vaccines in the past. The judge decided that she would have her parental rights taken away until she decided to get the vaccine. 

As a result, Rebecca Firlit was unable to see her son for several weeks. She decided to appeal the decision, and the decision was ultimately reversed. 

Notable Quotes: 

"It had nothing to do with what we were talking about. He was placing his views on me. And taking my son away from me.” - Rebecca Firlit

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