August 25, 2021

British Parliament Holds Biden in Contempt Over Afghanistan

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By: Konrad Holden

In Brief: 

In late August, Members of Parliament and other British politicians made clear that they view the crisis in Afghanistan as almost entirely Biden’s fault. Prime Minister Boris Johnson and others made disparaging comments about the United States’ role in the chaos and catastrophe going on in Kabul. The issue brought together members of both major parties who all had the same message: America’s pullout from Afghanistan showed the incompetence of her current Commander in Chief.

The Background: 

As the Taliban government continues to legitimize its existence, Biden’s foreign policy nightmare in Afghanistan is delegitimizing America on the world stage.

In late August, British politicians all began taking shots at Biden and blaming him for the historic failure in the region.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that America was critical to the mission’s success and that they pulled out when they were still needed.

Others took issue with the President blaming the Afghan military for backing down. Tom Tugendhat, who chairs the foreign affairs committee, is a veteran himself and fought alongside Afghan military men: "To see their commander in chief call into question the courage of men I fought with, to claim that they ran, is shameful."

One Member of Parliament, Chris Bryant, even said that Biden’s comments about the Afghan soldiers were "some of the most shameful comments ever from an American president.” Others said that Afghanistan has the potential to be the “defining legacy of his presidency.”

According to British sources, Biden spoke with Boris Johnson about the situation several days after the events unfolded. 

The criticism from nearly every British politician is another episode in the saga of Biden embarrassing America on the world stage, either through his actions or his words.

Notable Quotes: 

"When I listen to the US president, I cannot help reaching the conclusion that this decision was made out of a sense of political tidy-mindedness – we need to close a file; we need to draw a line; it has gone on for too long." - Lord Philip Hammond, former British foreign secretary

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