September 3, 2020

Bloomberg Group: Trump Will Win Election at First, But Biden Will Beat Him after Mail-In Votes Come In

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By: Ted Patterson

In Brief:

A group backed by Billionaire Michael Bloomberg is predicting Joe Biden will win only after mail-in votes come in.

The Background:

Breitbart reports:

Josh Mendelsohn, the CEO of Hawkfish — funded by Bloomberg and currently working for various pro-Biden super PACs — told Axios that his firm predicts a “red mirage” where Trump wins on election day but Biden wins the election days later when mail-in votes are counted:

The reason we talk about a red mirage is in fact because we believe that on election night, we are going to see Donald Trump in a stronger position than the reality actually is. We are sounding the alarm and saying that this is a very real possibility, that the data is going to show on election night an incredible victory for Donald Trump. That is likely to be what we see.

Mendelsohn claims it could take weeks before Trump’s election night victory is chipped away at by mail-in votes that will show Biden as the winner.

Notable Quotes:

“Mail ballots are very dangerous for this country because of cheaters. They go collect them. They are fraudulent in many cases. They have to vote. They should have voter ID, by the way.”

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Ted Patterson is editor of Republic Press.

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