December 1, 2021

Bill Gates Has Given $319 Million to the Media Under the Radar

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By: Konrad Holden 

In Brief:

A report from MintPress News revealed that Bill Gates has given $319 million to various media organizations across the US and the globe. The news brings suspicion on what Gates is getting in return for his donations potentially including some ability to control media narratives. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation gave $24 million to NPR, nearly $13 million to The Guardian, $4.3 million to NBCUniversal Media, and more to others.

The Background:

Why would a billionaire like Bill Gates need to donate $319 million dollars to various media-related entities around the world?

One of the effects is that Gates has tentacles everywhere from the news you watch to the training of journalists who are learning how to report.

A new report scanned over 30,000 grants listed on the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation website to see who was receiving money from the organization. It turns out lots of the money, nearly $320 million, went to various media-related companies.

Just over $166 million went directly to media outlets like CNN, NPR, PBS, Al-Jazeera, The Atlantic, Texas Tribune, the BBC, and other left-leaning sources.

Another large portion, $63 million, went to charities that are closely aligned with media outlets such as the New York Times Neediest Causes Fund.

$38 million went to investigative journalist centers, $12 million went to journalism associations, $97 million went to specific media campaigns across the globe, and another small chunk went to universities to fund journalism classrooms.

Many of the grants have specific issues tied to them such as the millions of dollars that went to the Texas Tribune to "increase public awareness and engagement of education reform issues in Texas."

Notable Quotes:

“That the Gates Foundation is underwriting a significant chunk of our media ecosystem leads to serious problems with objectivity.” - Alan Macleod, MintPress News

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