December 1, 2020

Big Tech Censors Conservative Satire

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By: Amy Jo Underwood

In Brief:

The Babylon Bee is facing censorship from big tech corporations, even though its content is obvious satire from a conservative bent. Facebook and Twitter have continued to flag, censor and be highly sensitive toward several posts from the Babylon Bee, while not giving the same treatment to left-leaning satire sites. 

The Background:

The Babylon Bee has produced satirical content for years, but has increasingly faced censorship from Facebook and Twitter. The Bee’s owners lean conservative, but the content they post is humorous in nature and is not meant to be mistaken for a legitimate news source.  It’s obviously not real news, any more than other such sites like The Onion.

According to Fox News, the Bee was flagged in October as spreading disinformation due to a satirical piece about criticism of Justice Amy Coney Barrett. The piece cited Monty Python and other pop culture references, yet Facebook removed the post and stated that it was “inciting violence.” The Babylon Bee’s CEO stated that the piece was “literally a regurgitated joke from Monty Python movie,” and that no one took the piece seriously. 

In August, the Babylon Bee’s Twitter account was suspended for “spam and platform manipulation.” The Daily Wire writes that left-leaning satirical sites, such as The Onion, have not endured the same criticism and censorship that the right-leaning Babylon Bee has faced. 

Notable Quotes:

“We fill the void. It’s kind of cool to be the one outlier. It’s healthy for society to have multiple outlets to give a different perspective. We need more of that.” - Seth Dillon, Babylon Bee CEO


Amy Jo Underwood writes from Alabama

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