February 3, 2023

Biden's Documents Scandal Causes Concerns for Both Parties

  • Executive, Flyover Country

By Ophelia Garrett

In Brief: 

Biden’s popularity continues its downward spiral, with the focus now pointed towards classified documents within Hunter Biden’s access. The most recent poll shows that both Democrats and Republicans consider Biden’s mishandling of documents a scandal.

The Background: 

In a recent Rasmussen Poll published by the New York Post, nearly three-quarters  (73%) of those surveyed felt the handling of classified documents by Biden was a scandal, including 55% of the Democrats polled. Nearly half of Democrats (48%) said it was a “major scandal.”

But what is even more telling is that 60% of those polled believe the level of concern is greatly increased due to the access Hunter Biden most likely had to these classified documents. 

The New York Post reports, “Among Democrats, 36% believe it is likely that Hunter used his dad’s classified files, with more than one in five saying it is ‘very likely.’ Not a good omen for the president’s bid for re-election.”

This opinion was shared by voters of all racial backgrounds. 

The poll further asked if they agree or disagree that members of the Biden family “have been influence-peddling for a decade.” A majority 59% of voters agreed, with 46% strongly agreeing. More than one-third of Democrats (37%) agreed and almost one in five (19%) strongly agreed.

As of 02/02/2023, the FBI is currently searching Biden’s private beach residence for more classified documents. 

Notable Quotes: 

“Our Members are rightly concerned about the Justice Department’s double standard here, after all, some of the Biden documents were found at a think tank that’s received funds from communist China.” – Russell Dye, spokesman for Rep Jim Jordan (R-OH)



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