July 15, 2022

Biden's Administration is Clueless on Economics

  • Executive

By Ophelia Garrett


In Brief: 

In a report originally released exclusively to Breitbart, it was revealed that 62 percent of Biden’s top political appointees and staffers who deal with economic policy, regulation, commerce, energy and finance have virtually no business experience.

The Background:

It gets worse. The average business experience in Biden’s administration is about 2.4 years. The median years of business experience among Biden’s top appointees is zero, due to so few having any experience in the private sector, and the “vast majority of the Biden economic/commerce team members are professional politicians, lawyers, community organizers, lobbyists, or government employees.”

And of those with experience, there is very little overlap in experience and position. As an example, Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg has only four years of business experience. The report authors then note that in his business experience, “he has virtually no experience in transportation or logistics.”

According to Breitbart, “As compared with former President Donald Trump’s cabinet during his last year in office, the lack of private sector business experience in the Biden administration is stark. Trump’s team, per the authors, had an average of 13 years of business experience with a median years of experience of eight.”

This report may explain the difference in the economy under the Trump vs Biden administrations. This week we hit a 40 year high inflation rate of 9.1%. 

Notable Quotes:

 “These skills are sorely lacking in the Biden administration. The cascade of policy and management mistakes that are piling up in the Biden government are at least in part a consequence of this lack of basic skills and competency. Biden should fix the problem by replacing those chosen for their ideology, not the skills and talents our government needs and taxpayers rightly demand.”- Economist Steve Moore


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