May 5, 2021

Biden Violates His Own Admin's Health Advice

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By: Amy Jo Underwood

In Brief: 

In a recent meeting with former President Jimmy Carter, President Biden chose to not wear a mask while speaking with the ninety-three year old former president and his wife. Biden did, however, put on a face mask once he walked outside of the building. Biden faces accusations of virtue signaling due to his choice to go maskless with at-risk individuals in their nineties yet continues to don a mask when walking in front of the media in outdoor areas. The CDC recently issued guidelines saying that vaccinated individuals are not required to wear masks when outdoors. Biden, however, has chosen to continue wearing a mask, no matter the setting -- except when meeting with an at-risk elderly couple for a photo opportunity.

The Background:

President Biden has continued to wear a face mask outdoors, despite the CDC’s statement that vaccinated individuals were permitted to be outdoors without face masks. 

In a meeting with 96-year-old former president Jimmy Carter and his wife, Rosalynn, both Joe and Jill Biden went without face masks in close quarters, but put masks on once they were outside of the building. Critics quickly accused Biden of political theatrics. One Twitter user wrote, “The only time Biden doesn't wear a mask is when he's indoors with extremely old and vulnerable people.”

An advisor in the Biden administration stated that the president wears a mask outdoors out of habit, as well as an extra precaution. However, many still insist that Biden seems to give mixed signals.

On April 27th, Biden gave a press conference and announced the new CDC guidelines regarding outdoor mask wearing. A White House correspondent asked him about his decision to wear a mask until he got to the podium, saying, “You chose to wear a mask as you walked out here, what message were you sending by wearing a mask alone?”  Biden responded, “By watching me take it off and not put it back on until I get inside.” 

Notable Quotes:

"You know, we do take some extra precautions for him because he is the President of the United States.” - Anita Dunn, a senior advisor in the Biden administration

“If you’re fully vaccinated, and you’re outdoors, you need – and not in a big crowd – you no longer need to wear a mask. I want to be absolutely clear.” - President Joe Biden, April 27th

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