July 31, 2022

Biden: No School Lunch without LGBTQIA+ Agenda

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By Ophelia Garrett

In Brief: 

Alabama has joined 21 states in suing the Biden Administration over threats of halting access to student lunches unless the states give into “inclusive” bathrooms and sports teams. 

The Background:

In May, the U.S. Department of Agriculture announced that Title IX and the Food and Nutrition Act include protection against discrimination on the basis of gender identity and sexual orientation. 

According to 1819 News, “Under this interpretation, Alabama’s Title IX and SNAP; school lunch funding would be at risk if a school determines that a boy cannot  compete on the girls’ swim team or refuses to allow boys into the girls’ locker room.” The report added that  “…Schools would risk forfeiting lunch money for their neediest students if they engage in ‘sex discrimination,’ such as having sex-separated bathrooms or sports teams for boys and girls.” 

The Biden Administration has forced states to choose between protecting the integrity of their sports and the safety of their students at the risk of allowing needy students to go hungry.  

The updated guidance from the Biden Administration occurs  during soaring food and grocery prices and an upcoming recession. More than 687,000 students in Alabama alone rely on school lunches, according to the Alabama Department of Education. Other states across the U.S. have comparable numbers.

Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall explained why his state was joining an effort to push back against the Biden Administration. He stated, “Their latest plan—which comes at a time of skyrocketing inflation and food costs, as well as a looming recession—is to hold schoolchildren’s food hostage unless their schools submit to the left’s radical ‘gender identity’ agenda. This immoral and illegal scheme cannot stand.”

Notable Quotes: 

“Joe Biden and his administration are obsessed with imposing their extremist sexual politics on the people of our great nation, adults and children alike.” - Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall.

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