June 30, 2022

Biden "Irritated" with Fellow Democrats  

  • Executive, The Hill

By: Ophelia Garrett

In Brief: 
As we hit the second half of 2022, eyes are starting to turn towards the upcoming Presidential campaign season. Historically, the sitting President has been a shoo-in as their party’s preferred candidate. But it looks as if that is about to change. And this sitting President is none too happy about it. 

The Background:

In April, Biden reportedly told former President Barack Obama he intends to run in 2024. He stated that he believes he is the only Democrat who can once again defeat a potential presidential bid by former President Donald Trump. But apparently Biden is one of the few who think he is a suitable candidate to run for anything, let alone win. 

Polling, media, and some Democrat members of Congress oppose the idea due to Biden’s age and tragic track record as president. During an interview, when asked outright, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) refused to say whether she will support a second-term run for Biden.

Reportedly, the Left’s hesitancy to endorse Biden for reelection is striking a nerve with the President. Biden is taking it personally that his viability as a candidate is being called into question. 

The Times says that Biden has been “irritated” with the “lack of respect from their party and the press” while whining about the lack of “signs of loyalty,” which “have been few and far between.”

However, the media and his fellow Democrats are the least of his worries.  

According to Civiqs’ rolling average, seventy-one percent of voters believe the nation is headed in the wrong direction, another 58 percent believe Biden should publicly disclose his mental health/compensenty. As of June 26th, Biden’s approval rating is also at 32 percent, matching an all-time low.

Even Vice President Kamala Harris seems a bit unsteady on this topic,  going from a very direct answer to CNN on Monday, to having the White House clarify her comments 2 days later:

“Joe Biden is running for re-election, and I will be his ticket mate, full stop.” -Vice President Kamala Harris 06/27/22

“The president intends to run and if he does, I will be his ticket mate. We will run together.” -Vice President Kamala Harris 06/29/22

Before President Biden, our oldest President was President Ronald Reagan. However, Biden broke that record, being older at his inauguration than Reagan was upon retirement. 

Notable Quotes:
“To say our country was on the right track would flagrantly depart from reality, [Biden] should announce his intent not to seek re-election in ’24 right after the midterms.”- Steve Simeonidis, Democratic National Committee member

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