May 8, 2020

Biden Hosts Disastrous Virtual Campaign 'Rally '

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By: Nate James

In Brief:

Joe Biden’s attempt to host a virtual campaign rally adhering to coronavirus mandates met with disaster.

The Background:

In a desperate attempt to remind people he’s still running for president, Joe Biden attempted a virtual campaign rally. It didn’t go well.

The Stamford Advocate reports:

"This" was an event Thursday billed as a "Virtual Rally with Joe Biden in Tampa." It was an hour plagued by technical glitches, awkward pauses, delays and even some blank screen time.

For a campaign seeking a substitute for the rousing events that Biden would be holding if not for the coronavirus, the first-of-its kind rally served as a tough lesson about the perils of remote campaigning that played out in real time.

There was the cut to Janet Cruz, a state senator who sat silent before the screen cut away from her, only to cut back without explanation moments later. There was the shot of Rep. Charlie Crist, D-Fla., dabbing his chin as he waited in silence against a backdrop of palm trees and high rises. It was unclear whether he knew he was on.

And throughout, there was distorted video and audio that some on social media likened to transmissions coming in via a dial-up modem.

Why It Matters:

The mandate-mad left gets a taste of its own medicine, and Joe Biden further cements his reputation for being a senile, out-of-touch, elderly candidate.  

Notable Quotes:

"They introduce me? Am I on?”

  • Joe Biden during virtual campaign rally

Nate James writes from Texas.

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