January 13, 2023

Biden Finally Visits Southern Border in Sham Photo Op

  • Executive, Flyover Country

By Ophelia Garrett


In Brief: 

After almost 2 years in office, Joe Biden finally paid a visit to our politically-wrought southern border. After waiting years for a show of authority, locals are calling the visit a complete sham and photo op.

The Background: 

This past Sunday, President Joe Biden finally visited the southern border. Spending a paltry 3 hours on location, he accomplished nothing. Reports state that he steered clear of the highly impacted areas and did not meet with a single migrant, ensuring the visit was as uncomplicated and vanilla as possible. 

Leading up to this visit, the Biden administration, as well as the city of El Paso, were accused of scrubbing things up prior to the visit and photo op. Migrant arrests and detainments skyrocketed in the days leading up, as well as the homeless population being displaced and dispersed to “clean” the streets up. 

Fox News reports, "El Paso is being cleared up as if nothing unusual ever happened there.” National Border Patrol Council tweeted on Friday after a report that "large crowds" of migrants were detained in El Paso by Border Patrol agents on Wednesday. "Just in time for Biden’s 'visit to the border.'" 

“People are saying that if you are out in the streets the Border Patrol will get you and deport you because the President is coming to El Paso and they don’t want to show him the reality of things,” said Maria Rodriguez, 23, from Venezuela, who told The Post she has been living in a dumpster in El Paso for the last three days. “I hope we get shelter tonight because it took us a lot of courage to go out of that dumpster after three days…We just don’t want to keep running. All we are asking is for one chance.” 

Notable Quotes: 

"El Paso clears downtown of expansive migrant camps ahead of Biden visit. Why not show him what our border community and law enforcement officials are dealing with on a daily basis." – Rep. Mayra Flores (R-TX) via Twitter



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